TLF’s tremendous success would not be possible without the patronage of our many generous sponsors.  TLF sincerely thanks all our supporters and sponsors!

Law firms, businesses, community organizations and individuals can support TLF in a variety of ways.  TLF supporters underwrite the costs of major events, such as the Fall Auction and the Excellence in Public Interest Awards ceremony.  In addition, TLF supporters sponsor the t-shirts, hats, and other memorabilia that are given out as incentives during the Spring Pledge Drive.  Finally, law firms throughout the country support TLF by matching the student contributions made during the Pledge Drive.

TLF’s Professional Mentor, Bill Whitehurst, helped develop TLF’s firm matching program.  When law students with summer internships make donations to TLF during the Pledge Drive, they provide the name of the firm they will be working for.  Bill Whitehurst then personally invites the managing partners of each law firm to match the contributions made by their summer clerks.  Many firms generously accept Mr. Whitehurst’s proposal, some firms even doubling or tripling the amount pledged by their clerks.  TLF thanks Bill Whitehurst and his wife, Stephanie, for their generous support.

Texas Law Fellowships also thanks Mr. Fred Hagans for his contribution to the 2010 Pledge Drive.  Mr. Hagans’ contribution funded 12 of our 35 Texas Law Fellows.

If you are interested in underwriting an event or sponsoring TLF in any capacity, please contact us at  Thank you!

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