TLF’s Fall Auction and Spring Pledge Drive are driven by student participation and contributions. Come out in the Fall to bid on fun, community-contributed items and gift cards and on once-in-a-school-year opportunities to spend time with your professors outside of the classroom. In the Spring, donate to TLF to get cool gear and vote for your fellowship-seeking friends.


Join the TLF Board


Each Fall, first-year students are invited to run for Section Representative positions on the TLF board. Section Representatives are elected by their classmates and play a crucial role in TLF’s activities and fundraising. Many Section Reps continue to serve on the TLF Board of Directors after their 1L years. If you are interested in getting involved as a 1L, email us.

2Ls and 3Ls

The TLF Board of Directors is selected each Spring by the outgoing 3L members of the previous board. Any student can apply—look for applications in late March or early April. Or, if you missed the application period but think you have something valuable to contribute to the Board, email us.


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