Fellowship Applications

The application period for Summer 2016 Fellowships is now closed.

Fellowship Overview

Each year, TLF awards $4,000 to 1L and 2L students who will spend their summers working for at least 400 hours (10 weeks) at a qualified public interest organization. Two-thirds of the fellowships are awarded based on donors’ votes during the Spring Pledge Drive, and the remaining third are awarded based on a holistic review of applications.

How Fellows Are Chosen

  • The number of fellowships TLF awards each year varies depending on fundraising. TLF will award fellowships to as many students as funds allow. In the past, TLF has been able to support between 15 and 35 students.
  • Fellowships are awarded in two ways:
    • Fundraising: Two-thirds of fellowships will be awarded based on the number of donors who voted for an applicant or project.
    • Holistic Review:The remaining third of fellowships will be awarded based on a holistic review of applications. The review will be performed by a committee that includes UT Law faculty, staff, and students. Applicants will remain anonymous during this process. The review committee will consider the following:
      • Commitment to public service, as shown by an applicant’s resume, essay, and class year. (E.g., a 2L returning to public interest work for a second summer may be presumed more committed than an otherwise identical 1L.)
      • Pro bono hours.
      • Fundraising.
  • TLF recipients will be notified after the Spring Pledge Drive.

Requirements After Receiving a Fellowship

Fellowship recipients will be required to write a thank-you letter to donors, provide TLF with a photograph from their summer work, and to be available to speak briefly about their summer experiences to donors or other students during the subsequent school year.

Other Sources of Funding

TLF cannot predict the number of fellowships we will be able to award, but we are generally unable to fund every applicant. We encourage you to try to secure funding from other sources:

You may also research pslawnet at www.pslawnet.org for additional summer funding options.

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